Friday, June 30, 2006

Dr.SPB Unsung Songs List

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Dr.SPB Unsung Songs List

Important Note: The folloiwng songs are available ONLINE at this link
http// ---> Thanks to Mr.Pepsunder (Blog Owner) Baston, USA
Example: one song of ling is Soolathan Ninaikiren, Original sung by Great Sri.M.S.Viswanthan, Music Director, Remix orchestration by Mr.Chella Muthaiah, Organizer for Dindigul Angingu Orchestra, Dindigul.


1 Devan Koil Maniosai Mani Osai Dr.Seerkali Govindharajan
2 Ennai Thalatta Kathaluku Mariyathai Sri. Hari Haran
3 Hamma Hamma Bombay Sri.A.R.Rahman
4 Kalaiyim Neeye Then Nilavu Sri.A.M.Raja
5 Nilave Ennidam Ramu Sri.P.B.Srinivas
6 Poongattru Thriumba Muthal Mariyathai Sri. Malesiya Vasudevan
7 Rasaththi Unnai Vikeyi Kathirunthal Sri.K.Jeyachandran
8 Sollathan Niaikiren Sollathan Niaikiren Sri.M.S.Viswanathan
9 Thenpandi Seemaile Nayagan Sri.Ilayaraja
10 Orunaal Pothuma, Dr.Balamurali Krishna
11 Paavadai Thavaniyil, Sri.T.M.Soundararajan
12 Kanne Kalaimaane, Dr.K.J.Ysudass
13 Thooliyile Addavantha, Sri.Mano


கோவை ரவீ said...
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Anonymous said...


Unga Blog Paarthen, Photo ELlam Gumchakkava Irruku, Good, But Konjam Mistake Irruku, Thiruthi Ungaluku Anuparen, Ok va

With Love


கோவை ரவீ said...

SPB NEWS BALA, ungal varugaikku Romba Nandri. Seekiram anupunga sir. Mathidaren. OK. -- Covai Ravee

Anonymous said...

Sundar, I forget to add, I think one year back, Sowmya did upload the "Kanna Kalaimane" song by SPB and she mentioned the audio quality is poor. From then, I was longing to hear this, Many thanks to you and our Ravi sir, I am able to hear that, by this time, I am hearing this song for 30 times :) Indeed what a pronunciation, he gives a diff dimension to this song with his melliflous voice, I am just wondering, how the music world would be without SPB sir, we are really very lucky !!


Anonymous said...

Dear mr ravi, iam haksar from kochin (kerala) ,iam a hardcore spb fan.Three yrs back i got a cassete of spb ie,unsung songs of spb,but i lost that.Now aim searching it at lot of places but couldnt get it and i saw u have posted here that list of songs.On that 1 songis missing AASAYE ALAI POLE , anyway can u tell me where i can get the cd of this ,pls it will b gr8 favour,thanking u


myspb said...

Haskar sir

Pls send your email id the following my id